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Intro #1 – Why Hebrews?

1. It’s my favorite book in the Bible.

This devotional journey is one I’ve always wanted to take.

2. There is more focus on Jesus in the book of Hebrews than any other book in the Bible outside of the gospels.

The more we see Jesus, the better the condition of our souls.

The subject of Hebrews is the grandest and most undervalued aspect of our Lord’s life and ministry –- He is our Great High Priest.

The priestly ministry of Jesus is the central focus of the book of Hebrews. In all the other epistles, He is never referred to as our Priest. He is seen as High Priest in Revelation 1 (note His garments), but He is only tangentially referred to as our High Priest in Revelation 1:6 by way of making us priests.

So, what does it mean for us today, that Jesus is our Great High Priest?

The writer of Hebrews unfolds the answer in this 13 chapter book. Suffice it to say, for introductory purposes, that, while Jesus died as a rejected prophet, and laid down His life as our King, it was OFFICIALLY as God’s appointed High Priest that He offered a sacrifice for sin — the sacrifice of Himself.

A Priest whose offering is His own life and His own blood! THAT is the grand subject of the book of Hebrews.

There is dignity, design, and glory in Jesus’ sacrifice that shines through the lens of His priestly ministry.

No other vision matches this beautiful picture.

“We love Him, because He first loved us.” His love for us is wonderfully unveiled as we consider Him our Great High Priest, who loved us in His own death, and now prays for us in heaven. There, He ceaselessly intercedes, that the life He purchased for us with His blood might be imparted to our souls.

Infinite mysteries of Christ are unveiled in the book of Hebrews, designed to astound the mind and inflame the heart.

In the eternal councils of God, His Son’s own sacrifice of Himself is how He chose to demonstrate and prove His love for us, both now and forever.

If you have desired a greater knowledge and appreciation of our Lord’s suffering and death, a thoughtful journey through the book of Hebrews may be just what the Doctor ordered.

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