His grace, His grace, His grace. Most of us hear of His grace a lot… yet our lives are so often full of trouble and disturbance that His grace is to alleviate or mitigate. Is there something wrong with me? or with my understanding of His grace?

I don’t know! I know there is a lot wrong with ME and my understanding of His grace. His grace is of infinite and eternal mystery. Anyone who says “I understand God’s grace and how it works” is either God Himself, or in need of some perspective. What we DO grasp of His grace transforms us, but Lord, I NEED MORE!!!

I believe HIs word. He says “My grace is sufficient for you,” He said that to Paul in response to his request for deliverance from his sufferings. Even Paul had to approach the Lord 3 times in great earnestness to receive the answer that set him free and gave him victory over his pain. Are we struggling today to deal with a physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual sorrow or pain? If so, then we’re in good company. May God be pleased to reveal His grace to our hearts today.

Wednesday August 12th: Pastor Jay’s morning thought and prayer
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