Travelling a rough road lately? Questioning if you’re in God’s will or not? Wondering why your heavenly Father is allowing your suffering to drag on and on, longer than you ever could have imagined it?

If that’s your situation, and you’re asking “WHY?”, I want to assure you that I don’t know! There’s never a pat answer as to why and what God is doing in the lives of His children. There are, however, some universal truths He gives us to hold on to in our times of trial, difficulty, suffering, and confusion:

– TRUST ME. I’m always good, even when you see no evidence of it

– TRUST ME. I’m working in your life, not only a plan to bless and strengthen you for this life, but one that will bless you on into eternity

– TRUST ME. I’ve promised to work out all things in your life for your good… and I’ll do just that.

– WAIT ON ME. Though I seem to have forgotten you, or perhaps you think I don’t care, I AM watching over you, I DO care, and I will prevail in your life.

Of course, He says so much more. As my pastor used to say, “When you don’t know what God is doing in your life, fall back on what you do know.” May we who are of a weary heart, fall back into the arms of our Father’s unconditional love and grace today.

Wednesday August 5th: Pastor Jay’s morning thought and prayer
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