DAILY RESOURCE: August 12, 2020

This page resources encouragements that are new and vital every day.  DAILY RESOURCE consists of the 4 links below, which are updated on a daily basis:

Morning thought and prayer with Pastor Jay

Daily devotional: Spurgeon: Morning and Evening

Daily Devotional: Streams in the Desert

Daily verse in multiple versions

  • Morning Thought and Prayer with Pastor Jay. This is a daily upload (of audio and/or text) made at the beginning of each day. The content varies, from scriptural thoughts, comments on daily devotionals, praying about major news events, and following up on the week’s sermons at OWF. Sometimes it’s nice to hear an encouraging voice to start the rigors of a challenging day.
  • “Morning and Evening” by Charles Spurgeon is the all-time classic devotional. The man knew suffering, and his Daily Devotional is the cream of the crop of his personal consolations and insights.*
  • “Streams in the Desert” is a mish-mosh of fabulous devotions written and collected by Mrs. Charles Cowman that helped her thru very tough times when her husband was extremely ill.*
  • Pastor Jay’s “Expository Devotional thru Hebrews.” Out of a love for the presentation of Christ in the book of Hebrews, this devotional is Jay’s way of sharing what he’s learned in studying the book.*
  • Daily verse in multiple versions. This links to famous and favorite Bible verses in multiple translations. Reading a familiar verse in a different translation is a great way to be refreshed in the verse, to see in a fuller meaning, and to renew our love for God’s word and promises.

*As an extra note on Daily Devotionals: Resorting to a daily devotional (or two) has long been one of the believer’s favorite ways to begin their day with the Lord. A daily devotional can be a source of strength and inspiration to walk with Jesus through the ups and downs of every day life. We hope you will give them a try if you haven’t previously.

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