Intro #3 – The effect of Hebrews

Jesus is worthy of no rivals in our heart. 

He loved us, died for us, saved us, and is preparing an eternal home for us in heaven. None other can hold a candle to His power, goodness, kindness, and care towards us.  And yet… we so often find ourselves slighting Him, doubting Him, and forgetting His great love for us.  Thankfully, He knows our fickleness and frailty too well to be surprised or offended at our short-comings.

The Hebrew church was facing an extreme test of their loyalty to Jesus. 

Their unbelieving Jewish neighbors, who were holding fast to the law of Moses and the Temple worship, were fiercely persecuting them for seeking to follow Jesus Christ.  The pressure to compromise was powerful and alluring.  After all, the Hebrew believers weren’t being tempted to abandon Jesus for the party scene, or to engage in illicit sex, or indulge in worldly sin.  They were being pressured to simply return to the law of Moses, to resume worshiping at the Temple, and to the bringing of animal sacrifices.  If they would do so, they would be welcomed back with open arms and all persecution would cease.  Was Jesus really all THAT important?  Would it be so bad to return to Moses, and to resume God’s prescribed worship to ancient Israel?

The writer of Hebrews addressed the issue of fidelity to Jesus by simply revealing the greatness and glory of Jesus in comparison to all others.  He compares Jesus to angels, Moses, Joshua, Aaron, and many O.T. heroes.  None compares to Jesus – not even close.

Is not this what happened at the Transfiguration? 

When Peter initially saw Jesus with Moses and Elijah, he thought the THREE of them deserved a tabernacle to be built so they all three could dwell there.  Once the cloud of glory overshadowed them, and voice of the Father spoke, saying “This is My Son. Hear ye Him” none but Jesus was to be seen.  Moses and Elijah’s glory had vanished, in the light and revelation of who Jesus Christ truly is.

So too with us. 

We aren’t called to hate and despise self and the world as much as we are called to see and appreciate the goodness and glory of Jesus.  He doesn’t need our souls to be crushed in order for His greatness to be revealed – He IS great!  We need more of Jesus, above and beyond all else.  And it’s the Father’s good pleasure to reveal Him to us by the working of His Spirit. 

Lord, help me to see more clearly that Jesus loves me and died on the cross for my sins.  Let the things of the world grow dim as Your Spirit reveals the beauty of Your Son to my darkened heart, oh Lord God.I

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