About OWF

Open Word Fellowship is a Bible teaching ministry that explains Who Jesus Christ is and how to have an open, honest, living, loving relationship with Him.

The Bible reveals that Jesus rose from the dead, and that He freely offers His fullness of hope, forgiveness, grace, and love to us.

We look to God’s word to instruct, encourage, and inspire us in our knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ.

Open Word Fellowship meets in two primary “places” at our gatherings, and here on our web-site.

We keep things simple at our gatherings by providing a time and place to worship together, to be taught from the Bible, and to meet and connect with one another.

On our web-site, we provide daily, weekly, and archived resources that encourage growth and development in our personal relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Jay and his wife Monica are accessible at the gatherings, and you can also communicate with them through the web-site.

If you have questions about Open Word Fellowship, you can call Pastor Jay at 703-474-0433.

You can also email us, keep looking through the web-site, watch our Welcome Video, or better yet, stop by and join us at one of our gatherings.

Our goal is to know Jesus better.

Our desire is to share Him with others.

“For where two or three gather, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20